Code Enforcement


The Planning Department is responsible for compliance enforcement activity for the City. The Compliance Officer provides education to the public on code issues and works with the residents of the City on enforcing the codes and regulations set for the City of Osage Beach by the Board of Aldermen including issues of compliance relating to nuisances, sign, business, construction, and land use.

Common code enforcement complaints and nuisances include:

  • Litter on Private Property - Dumpsters overflowing, illegal dumping
  • Junk and Debris in Front Yard - Inoperable vehicles, trash, junk, litter, etc. in a front yard
  • Recreational Vehicles/Boats - Residential violations of storage restrictions
  • Overgrown Vegetation and Weeds - maintenance of yard/property or vacant lots
  • Graffiti - best approach to eliminate is immediate removal
  • Sign -sign violations such as unapproved, non-temporary signs and/or location of signs
  • Home Business - Unapproved businesses in residential areas
  • Work without Permit - Construction- structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, etc. without proper building/site permits
  • Duplexes/Boarding Houses - Illegal use of single-family residences such as independent rentals, etc.
  • Land Use Violations - Zoning and development violations such as businesses in non-permitted zone, setback violations, non-permitted animals on property


    The Code Enforcement Department's workload is principally complaint-generated. The Department receives a substantial number of complaints each year concerning alleged violations of the City Code of Laws and Ordinances. Each one is investigated to determine whether a violation exists.

    File a Complaint online with Osage Beach Code Enforcement or call or visit City Hall during normal office hours.

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