Benefits of Annexation

As the lake area becomes more developed, some property owners have come to the City expressing a desire for municipal services and the protection of being within the City. Many advantages come with being inside the City's boundaries and there is no cost to the property owner to voluntarily annex and the City of Osage Beach does not have a City Property Tax that would be levied on the property.

The City regulates health and safety issues to provide a safe and appealing place to live, a supportive environment to conduct business, and to provide a premier visitor destination.

Some Benefits of voluntary annexation include:
  • Police protection from the City of Osage Beach
  • Timely 911 response from City Hall
  • Ambulance service with response from City Hall
  • Animal control services; protecting your property and family from unattended animals
  • Code compliance/nuisance services and controlled land uses; services to deal with the possible unsightly or noisy neighbor
  • Street maintenance; leaf pickup, snow removal, stormwater, etc.
  • Water and Sewer Utility Services
  • Water and Sewer Utility In-City Rates; lower than Out-Of-City rates due to the subsidization by CIT funds
  • Lower homeowner's insurance
  • Voting rights; gives you the opportunity to vote in City elections and play a part in the decisions that direct the City

Voluntary Annexation Guidelines

Petition Filing and Requirements

The Annexation Petition Form must be signed by the owners of all the fee interests of record in all tracts of real property to be annexed. The petition is submitted to the City and must comply with the following:
  • In Writing and addressed to the Board of Aldermen
  • The property(ies) to be annexed must be contiguous and compact to the existing corporate limits of Osage Beach
  • The petition must be verified
  • A public hearing must be held within sixty (60) days, but not less than fourteen (14) days, of the filing of the petition to the City
  • Notice of the public hearing must be published in a newspaper of general circulation at least seven (7) days prior to the public hearing

Petition Public Hearing

  • Any interested person, corporation, or political subdivision may appear and present evidence of the proposed annexation
  • Any written objection to the annexation must be filed within fourteen (14) days of the public hearing and must be signed by two percent (2%) of the registered voters from within the municipality or two (2) registered voters within the area to be annexed

Annexation With No Written Objections

After the public hearing and NO written objections were made, the Board of Aldermen may annex the property(ies) by ordinance without further action if the Board determines the following:
    1. The annexation is reasonable and necessary to the proper development of the City, and
    2. The City has the ability to furnish normal municipal services to the area to be annexed within a reasonable time frame.

    Annexation With Written Objections

    After the public hearing and written objections were made, an election must be held and a petition must be filed for a declaratory judgment authorizing the annexation in circuit court of the county in which the annexation is located, if:
    1. A written objection to the annexation is filed within fourteen (14) days of the public hearing, and
    2. The petition is signed by at least two percent (2%) of the qualified voters of the City OR two (2) qualified voters of the area to be annexed.